Friday, May 01, 2020

Work at home jobs option during Corona

There are many industries, offices closed due to corona. And as a results many people lost their jobs as well or there is uncertainty about the career. With no salaries and not being able to apply for jobs there is a feeling of how I can make money working from home.

Freelancing could be a option at this time. Though one can't expect to make as much money as they used to make in the full time jobs, still something is better than nothing. As a freelancer eveng if you get moeny to pay your utility bills or groceries that would be helpful. As a freelancer there are lots of career choices like data entry, accounting support, customer service, edutation and training, animation, website development and lot more. Its all upto your skills or learning skills. You can easily update your skills by taking online courses and then start working as a freelancer.

The best part is that once this lock-down is over you can still continue to keep working as a freelancer part time or full time  depending on the level of success you achieve.

We wish you all the best and if you want any kind of guidance, please feel free to get in touch.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Best Home Based Jobs for Moms

Most of the women who are employed have a goal to go as high as they can up the corporate ladder. While women have been in the workforce they have pushed and strived to be important. In some cases, few mothers realize that they would rather stay at home and take care of the kids. It comes as a positive power to be able to balance both motherhood and a full-time job, and this is the main reason for many women looking for jobs meant particularly for stay at home moms. If you take a look at google trend s for “Jobs for moms”, you will see the graph is showing increase in number of searches every year from the year 2005, there isn’t any decline since then. You can check the trends yourself here 

Though it is difficult to manage work from home but it gives you the flexibility to take care of the baby and home, which otherwise is not possible in a full time job. You save time in commuting and you are with you baby when the little one needs you. More over the financial benefits are there always.

Although this can be time taking in itself, many mothers still cannot tremble the need and desire to continue work, even it just part time. In this situation, many companies have started catering to moms for suitable work from home based jobs, mothers who desire to still be able to take care of their child as earning an extra and flexible income on the hand. The top best jobs for stay at home moms are given below.
  • Dog Watcher
  • Tutor
  • Secret Shopper
  • Children's Party Planner
  • Day Care Provider
  • Gift Basket Maker
  • Blog Post Writer
  • Child Care
  • Data Entry and much more.
These are the few things that can help you work at home. The main reason to all of this is to find something that you will enjoy doing. I inspire everyone seriously about working from home, take your time and don't appear distracted. If you desire to make money from online jobs, I suggest you read these articles I write down in just the simple words. For more information please visit our website

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Employee v/s Boss - Fun reason to start working from Home


Employee: - Good Morning Sir, may I talk to you?
Boss: - Very Good Morning Dear, What can I do for you?
Employee: - As you know I am employee of this firm from last 5 year.
Boss: - Yes
Employee: - Sir, I would like a move up. I currently have 5 companies after me and so I decided to talk you first.
Boss: - Move up? I would love to move up you but this is not a right time Dear.
Employee: - I understand everything Sir that the current economy down, but you must also take into consideration my hard work and loyalty to this company.
Boss: - Taking into account these factors, I am willing to offer you a 20% move up and extra 5 days of free family vacation trip. How does that sound?
Employee: - Great Sir!! Thank you so much for this!! Thanks a lot!!
Boss: - Before you go just out of curiosity. What companies were after you?
Employee: - Oh my landlord, my credit card companies and loan sharks!