Sunday, November 21, 2010

Work from home Sites Review -

I've spend more than 6 years in trying differetn work from home jobs sites and during this course I've found both legitimate and scam website that offer home based job opprotunities. For a beginner it is always difficult to differentiatge between a legitimate and scam website. In more than 80% cases reason people quit trying home based jobs is that they fall prey to some scam website offering home based jobs that can turm then into millionaire overnight.

First thing I'd say that nothing can be achieved without hard work, except the fact that you hit the Million dollar lpottery jackpot :). Just to share my experience with some legit home based freelance portals. - I suggest this site to everyone who is new to internet and want to make money online by working from home. Odesk is the best webstie to start with and there are 99% chances that if you succeed in makin money from odesk, then you will not need to try any other website for home based jobs.

To check the popularity of this website visit the Alexa rank page of the website it is ranked in top 500 websites there. The main reason for the popularity of odesk is simplicity. it work on the system that gurrantess emplyer and contrractor that every hour worked is everty hour paid. Thus you need not to worry about payment. Payment is made weekly and if you work for 10 hours a week at the cost of 10$ per hour at the end of week you will get your 100$.

Odesk provide some desktop application which help to track the work being done. fro more information you visit ODESK. In case you have any query regarding the wesite you can feel free to contact me.

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