Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home based jobs for retired persons - Retiree wrok from home jobs

One may need to hunt another job after retirements because of the financial necessities. Sometime pension you get or the savings may not be sufficient to support unforeseen expenses. After retirement you don't have the benefits of health care plan from the company and you may need to opt for self-pay medical care. Also think of you plan to visit China, Himalayas, India, Mexico to other world travel destinations, which you were unable to do so due to your full time jobs.

Like the above mentioned causes there are many reasons you may need to search for some income sources even after retirement. For me personally it won't be a nice idea to go for any part time or full time job once again. It'd be nice if I can get some sort of income by working from home or something where I am the boss and I can fir my own working rules, times etc. Interestingly many big companies nowadays hire skilled person and allow them to work from home. Here is the list of work from home job opportunities for retired persons:

Customer Care Representatives: A computer, internet connection, phone line, and a noise free place is all required for this kind of job. You have to answer call of the customers, take new orders, help in troubleshooting and provide support etc. In case you are inexperienced in this kind of work you will be provided paid training by the companies so this is definitely one of the hottest jobs one can try after the retirement. Time you need to spend can vary from 20 to 40 hours a week.

Online Juror Jobs for home: This is a new and emerging trend in home based jobs category. Many people are not aware so such kind of job opportunity and hence chances of getting success as an online juror are very high. Here you will have to sit on mock juries and give feedback on cases to and other jury consultants. You can get more information on website like ejury.com and onlineverdict.com.

Working hours here can depend upon the case and may take from 20 minutes to hours. Also this job depends upon number of cases.

Virtual Assistants: After retirement you definitely have an experience many companies can bank upon and growth in virtual assistant’s job is due to this reason only. Responsibilities are versatile in this field.

Few other options are:

  • Freelance writing
  • Internet Marketer
  • Twitter/facebook posters


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