Friday, February 25, 2011

New emerging home based jobs

Inthis post at my work athome jobs online blog I'd like to intrdouce new and emereging home based job opportunities. with the technology going to the advancements like mobile devices, social networking in day to day life emerging of new trends which don't require people to work in a cubicle is quiet obvious. Latest and emerging trends in work at home jobs include:
  • Virtual Question Answerer: 18 years of age, godd skills in using search engines are some basic requirements ans you are paid per ansers. Thus good typing speed will also help in making more money.
  • Mobile App Developer: Lots os mobiol apps are developed daily are many are in demand. Mob app develper are not easy to find thus if you have the skilss you can make thousands of dollars working from home itself.
  • Videogame Tester - Test a game before it is released, this is very exciting for a viode gmae enthusiast and is you are paid $20,000 to $100,000 then what else would you need.
  • Twitter poster - Twitter is a very much popular micro bloggin website and it needs to be a must fore every business and individual. Anyone who wants online presence can't neglect twitter. Many comapnies also hire people to work from home and post tweets for them. you can ger paid upto $50 or more for doin thig job

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