Friday, April 22, 2011

Health & Fitness Tips for Freelance Work from Home Jobs Taking People

This post is in continuation with my previous two post on Freelance tips or you can say tips for people who undertake worm from home jobs online. You can reads the previous post in the links given below, also please fell free to share you feedback or experience with home based jobs. The two post are:

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Now this third post "Health & Fitness Tips for Freelance Work from Home Jobs Taking People" as the title suggest is not on how to improve earning from home based jobs or how to make online money. This post will simply guide you on health and fitness tips while working from home.

It has been quiet a long time I started working from home full time, initially I tried online jobs part time and on realization of the potential incomes I opted out of my full time job and started working from home. Initially none of my friends and relatives know but later when I was making sufficient amount of income I shared my secret that I was working from home for quiet some time. One of the most frequest question asked by most of the people was:

  1. Don't you get bored at home?
  2. How to you manage to work from home?
  3. How many hours you spent working now?
  4. Do you miss parties and team outings you had when in regular job?
These may be the fear among some people, however I never really get bored or felt like missing my regular job for parties or other facilities etc. Rather I tell all my friends and relatives that I am enjoying lot more while working from home and even I am making more money than my full time job. When I tell them about flexible work hours, time for friends & family members, leaves whenever you want etc then definitely home based jobs are lot more better. Now comming to health and fitness tips for people working from home.

One should take care of health while working from home as it has been seen that while working from home you tend to gain weight as there is less movement involved. Also while working from home most of the people take advantage of the time flexibility and end up working late in the night then eventually waking up late next morning thus disturbing daily routine or body clock. All these activities may lead to poor health if you are not taking care of your health. Below are some tips that may be helpful for you:
  • Join a health club -This will not only keep you fit but also you will have to spend an hour or two in gym thus you will have to manage your time well so as you don't miss the gym.
  • Choose morning time for the health club: Selecting the morning timings has a unique advantage. during my initial months working from home I use to work later in the nights and hence waking up very late, but the moment I changes my health club timing to morning I used to rise up early in the morning and hence I can easily wrap up my work early in the evening. One advantage is mostly health clubs have less crowd in the morning thus trainer gives you proper attentions ;)
  • Keep your weekend free. Try not to keep your work for Saturdays or Sundays. Though there can be some conditions when you may need to work on a weekend but don't make it a habit. Use your weekends for other works like watching movies, shopping, traveling, sleeping or whatever you like to do in free time.
  • Plan some vacations - Take a break from the work and plan some vacations ( You can check for some top destinations to visit). Thus you can enjoy a break from the regular work and come back to work fully refreshed.
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