Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Online Job Vacancies Up in September

The Conference Board reported that online job vacancies in September rose 4% compared with August, according to its Help-Wanted Online Data Series. Year-over-year, online vacancies were up 17.5% in September.

"The more 'mature' areas in terms of Internet usage, like the west and east coasts, where online job advertising has been popular for some time, the rate of growth has slowed," Gad Levanon, an economist at the Conference Board, said in a statement. "In many of the smaller metro areas, and where online job advertising has lagged behind the largest metro areas, the growth rates continue to be very strong."

The 4% increase in total ads reflected a 6% increase in new ads. Year-over-year, in September the number of new ads posted advanced 22.6%.

The top metro areas in September for advertised vacancies were Austin, Texas; San Jose, Calif.; and San Francisco.

Alaska posted the highest ads rate in the country followed by Nevada and Colorado. Montana leads the nation with the lowest supply/demand rate.

The states where the number of unemployed people looking for work significantly exceeded the number of online advertised jobs included Mississippi, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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