Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why work from home jobs are more beneficial

Hi all,

Today I am very happy that I opted for work at home jobs at the right time. Though I undertake work at home jobs like paid surveys, mystery shopping along with SEO freelancing (I work as search engine optimisation expert at a web design and Internet Marketing company). Last week few of the employees of our company were fired due to data theft and sharing companys confidential information with people outside. So in the end management took the decision's to have a bong agreement signed with all the employees of the company.

I was also asked to sign the agreement, it includes twos years time working at the comapany and one NDA (non disclosure agreement) At this part of life I am not in the condition to sign any type of bond ,,, SO i asked for some time from management and in the end I today decided but I am going to share with you all.

I have decided to not sign any type of bond agreement and take work at home jobs online as my full time source of income. even i earn a handsome from freelance work from various freelance website. I am in a hurry today coz today is my last official weekend ;) From today onwards it would be me deciding my weekdays adn weekends.

So one more advantage of work at home or freelance jobs online is :

- You dont need to sign any work bond or NDA with your boss.

SO all you ppl wish me happy freelancing


hardworkingmom said...

hey guys Oprah Winfrey did a show recently on work from home jobs; here are a couple companies that were suggested on the show as legit. and I also found a couple blogs for there sites so you can see what other people have to say , I tried and they work great, I made $731.92 dollars my first week. Your answers are there. good luck

Fawkes said...

I am a software engineer from India. I have been looking for options that involve working from home, because my office job takes requires at least 3 hours of commuting time and leaves me sapped at the end of it.
I would appreciate your help in locating a suitable opportunity for me.
Thanks a tonne for this wonderful blog.


Fawkes said...


I am a software engineer from India and I have been looking for job opportunities that allow me to work from home. I have found your blog very encouraging. As you said I will be my own boss, and also save on commuting time, which is over 3 hours per day for me.

I would appreciate it, if you can suggest some suitable employment opportunities for me.

Thanks a tonne in advance.
Shailendra Mathur

Fawkes said...


Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I have been contemplating a job change for some time now, and in the process of finding a new job I came across your blog and some other websites that mentioned this as a viable career.

I am keen to explore this option, but I am not sure what the opportunities in India are! Can you suggest some portals to start with, and how to go around applying for jobs?

Please email me on my personal id :

Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

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Joan Caliso said...

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