Saturday, August 23, 2008

Work from home trendz - Organisations allowing work from home

Yes new trend has begun with companies preferring to hire work from people for certain jobs rather than hiring full time or part time employees. According to a recent survey conducted by Workplace Employee Relations Survey
one out of eight companies permit there staff to work from home.Most of the staff that is allowed to work from hoe includes non-managerial staff.

Few of the highlights of the survey conducted are:

* 9.1 per cent of workplaces reported that more than 5 per cent of their workforce worked at home on a regular basis.

* 35 per cent of employees in workplaces that allowed working at home were in managerial or professional grades compared with 22.4 per cent of other workplaces, and skill levels were much higher in workplaces that permitted working at home than in those that did not.

* around a fifth of workplaces that offered their employees the opportunity to work at home were in business services

* larger establishments are more likely to allow home work(for example those allowing it have an average of 98 employees compared with 57 employees for those that do not); and

* employers that allow working at home are also more likely to have other flexible working arrangements in place (such as parental leave, term-time working and job sharing).

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