Thursday, October 22, 2009

Job Opportunities With Fast Job Growth

CNN Money recently conducted a research on world top most growth rate i.e jobs in the planet that has growth rate than any other job. These jobs were checked on the scale of money growth and listing in Here comes the list of fast growth jobs:

1. Telecommunications Network Engineer: Job profile of Telecommunications Network Engineer includes controlling and maintaining power grids and communications for phone and cable companies.
2. Systems Engineer: Job profile of a system engineer includes defining customer needs and required functionality in the earlier phase of software development life cycle, documentation, design synthesis and system validation.
3. Personal Finance Advisor - Work as financial advisors for businesses and provide them with analysis and guidance in investment related tasks.
4. Veterinarian: With the growth in pet lovers (I can see facebook for pets equally popular as that of facebook for humans) job of Veternary docs and related jobs in the fields is definitely on a rise.
5. Senior Financial Analyst: In recession they have become even more important for businesses as they were earlier.
6. Business Analyst, IT - With IT is used in every company IT business analysts jobs demand is on all time high.
7. Software Development Director - Job profile of a software development director is to Plan and coordinate all activities associated with software development.
8. Physical Therapist - Professional in this industry are needed everywhere and are not limited to just a single industry or niche. Physical therapist are needed in Education and training, sports, companies, medical, rehabilitation and lots of other areas.
9. Physician Assistant - these are health care professionals which are licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician.
10. Computer/Network Security Consultant - Also rated as one of the best jobs in America. With increasing demand of data and network security this job is and will remain one of the fastest growth job in the world.

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