Thursday, February 04, 2010

Recession job losses & Declining jobs - Start working from home

Yes this is the time you should start working form home if not full time than atelas on part time basis to save yourself from any future job related issues. its being predicted that job losses may rise by one million this year. And this is alarming issue if you odnt have any part time income art this point of time, you'll definitely gonna loose big deal.

Second thins is that lots of traditional jobs that were considered high paying once sarew on a decline now a days anf of you fall in any of the job categories mentioned below you are a must must contender for starting work from jobs. The top most declining jos are:
  • Department stores
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle parts manufacturing
  • Postal service
  • Printing and related jobs
  • Cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing
  • Newspaper publishers
  • Mining support jobs
  • Gas stations
  • Wired telecom

So don't wait untill you loose yout job start earning from home it amy end up saving you from a big disaster.


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