Thursday, July 08, 2010

How to Stay Motivated Working at Home

Working at home for a couple of hours can be difficult because you need to keep your energy boosted at regular intervals. But still nothing is easy. Hard work never fails, so it is necessary to stay motivated if you work for a long duration. The following are the tips in which you can follow to stay motivated while working at home.

Prepare a time management to your work and concentrate on your work accordingly. Take some rest at regular intervals and have some fruits with you. This will make you to feel fresh while at work.

Since you are working at home, you can work comfortably like listening to music, watching television etc. Just listen to your favorite songs and make it to refresh yourself.

Make sure that you are getting fresh and clean air in the place where you work. Open the windows in your room and allow the sunlight to pass. This will be a great advantage you have since you work at your home itself.

Technology has improved so much. Wireless internet has launched. So, try working in laptop rather than working at a same place in your PC. If you have laptop and a wireless internet connection, then you can go for a tour with your friends and also work there too. You will feel awesome if you get such entertainment and wonderful time with your friends.

Refresh at regular intervals like if you have completed some work or worked for one or two hours, then go for ice cold coffee or tea by sitting somewhere which is away from your computer.

Since you can work at any time, do not postpone your work and sit towards your computer like an owl in the late night. Enjoy your weekends by taking rest all the time.


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One thing I found very helpful to stay motivated is my notebook background wallpaper!. It is just a plain white text “Are you doing what you should do right now?” on a black background. When I am bored or I just don’t know what to do, I simply look to my desktop! Now this become like habit for me. It help me to rethink, choose right move and back to track. It also remind me and give me feel good about the money I got by doing last projects. Same time I found this background very useful for my eyes. It have less light as I like to work at late night.

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Geno said...

These tips are great, informative and concise. Exercise also can make you motivated and another is get well dress for work so that you can set yourself to work mode. It doesn't mean that you are working at home you can work with your PJ's on. At work one thing keep me motivated it is when social media is allowed. However the company constantly monitors us employees on how we use our computer at work and implement an internet usage policy. This also reminds us that we are being moderated and we must not abuse internet usage policy and break their trust on us.