Monday, October 31, 2011

From home content writing jobs

In the recent past there has been growing need for content writers who are working from home. Here are few reasons for the increased demand of content writers:
  • Recent panda update from google and made unique content very much important in search engine optimization. gone are the days when websites with 2-3 post gets ranked easily now website needs lots on content for ranking well in search engine results.
  • Traditional way of getting links doesn't work now, quality link can be achieved by unique good quality content only which can be posted at articles, blogs forums, review sites etc.
  • Increased trends of ebook publishing market.
  • High costs of full time content writers
  • Less availablilty of skilled writers.
So what a content writer need to get writing jobs from home. the first and very important thing is to create a strong and impressive portfolio (resume) that you can send to various leads. Here are some options to get home based content writing jobs:
  • Freelance site like,, etc: Here you can get lots of content writing jobs. All you will need to spend some time on bidding for various jobs and the only tips here is to provide quality work. One you get a good profile over these portals you will have long term project coming to you automatically.
  • Freelance sites particualry for content writing jobs like, Though I never tried any of these sites so you will need to try and find some good site that offer real content writing jobs here.
  • Approach various companies with your resume asking for working from home: to keep the costs down many companies hire peoples who can write content for them from home. Its a nice approach to send your resume to as many companies as possible.
  • : My friend is getting some good content writing jobs from here where you have to write an article for 5$. Perhaps not a bad idea for people in Asian region.
I hope this post will help you find some good jobs. Feel free to share your experience.

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