Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Work and home balance

For most, work-life balance is impossible because it is all about important but clashing demands. For example, your child is in a creche, your mother helps with pick-ups and cooking before you get home. Suddenly mum gets the flu, your child has the measles and your partner is sent interstate on business.

To make things worse, the roof starts to leak and the flat looks like the local tip. Now, what do you do without hurting your career prospects?

Research from WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University shows that people who chose flexitime and part-time options might be at a disadvantage in the workplace.

In many instances, they are seen as not pulling their weight.

Significantly, female workers were seen as having less-promising career prospects than their male counterparts.

But when men chose flexitime, their career prospects took an even bigger dive. The perception was that there was something wrong with them.

Possible solutions include employers talking to staff about how they would like to work, and training managers on how to handle flexitime and part-timers. Career advisers and CentreLink could also do more to match people with flexible working practices.

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