Thursday, March 01, 2007

Are All Work at Home Jobs Just a Scam?

Got a computer with email? You are likely to have been sent some great job opportunity. You've seen them. They say you can work next to zero hours a week and be paid some huge salary for doing so. Even if you haven't had the chance of receiving such a too good to miss job opportunity via email, you'll find similar offerings in the small ads of many local newspapers.

The challenge with these ads isn't so much that these job openings are scams, but rather they dim the view of legitimate work at home job opportunities from possible applicants. If you're looking for a work at home job opportunity, and you've seen so many of these shams, you begin to believe that there aren't any legitimate work at home jobs available and this simply isn't the case.

Take typing for example. If you are a skilled typist, especially one with a known typing speed that you can use as an asset to getting a job (take an online test if you don't know what your current typing speed is), then theres work out there for you. Unfortunately there are also many scams that involve the word typing and you need to be able to distinguish the scam from the opportunity.

One of the first giveaways is in the advert. Is there a telephone number and/or address? Is there a company name? If all of these are missing and only a PO Box address listed for further information, proceed with caution. If the advertisement tells you to send money don't proceed at all with this job lead! If, when the information you requested through the advertisement arrives, it requires you to send money in payment for lists of job prospects don't proceed! Although there are job agencies that do require a subscription in order to use their services in linking you together with clients, small ads that require money can usually be summed up in one word scam! There are hundreds if not thousands of work at home people who can testify to being caught out in such a scheme.

So be careful when you are looking for typing work. Often the best way forward to building a client base is to get out there and introduce yourself to the appropriate marketplace. Who do you want to work for? Do you have any special training/experience such a law or medical background that will give you an advantage over other typists seeking work in those kinds of companies?

Its more than possible to make a good living as a typist whether in your own home or in an office environment just make sure that you read all advertisements carefully and have your scam alert constantly switched on!

Chris Dunn manages a medical transcription business that sponsors a site offering free typing tests. See also:

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