Friday, November 02, 2007

First Job : More fun than college

Remember your first job. Must be nforgetable and happy moment when you get your first job. Mine first job was great, there was lot of fun workin with my first colleagues. It was a team of youngsters like me na we used to enjoy a lot be it lunch or tea break, office party, party after gettin incentives ;).....

Mine first job was with Pugmarks Design Studio (Now RedAlkemi)As Link building executive thanks to Mr Pancham Prashar who realised that I am also capable of doin job tis was the first time after an interview that I didnt heard that will call you, let ou know tommorow or similiar stuff like that :D... Interview by Mr. Pancham Prashar was nice experince. I'd say if got any chance to work with him again will surely go for it.

Lot more to post here but lack of time will continue in future posts....

Have lots to most about bloody link builders thats what we use to call each other hahahaha

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