Thursday, November 15, 2007

Link builders GANG @ redalekmi

Ha ha ha yes we were not link building executives but it was a GANG of bloody link builders lol. I rememge my first day at PugMarks Design Studio (Now redalkemi) also it was my first full time job. It was first working day of lot of other people also, actually it was start of link building team there and we all were assembled for joining on 16 March 2004. It was unusual but I was first to reach there aroun 2:50 I guess shift timing given to me were 3 pm to 11 pm IST. Then I meet Naveen, Harpal, Vinod Mahajan, Rajesh Yadav, Mandeep Singh Chahal I forger other who were in the conference roo. It was a short meeting you can say induction also with Mr Pancham Parashar and Ritu Galhotra. She gave a quick demo fo what we have to do and also we were asked to read articles on internet marketing at Soon meeting was over people for 11 pm to 7 am shift left for home and we started from that day. I meet Mr Lekh Raj there he told me the whole process of link building in juss 5 minutes and 2 submission in the link buildin application ;) .

In the 3 to 11 shift Me, Naveen, Mandeep, Amar Rana (WE used to call him Uncle in fun coz he was married and most senior among us alll of us were juss freeshe clooege passed out) Within few weeks Sandeep Goel joined hehehee he was the most naught but never got caught. I wish I could tell Mr Sandeep Junega the incident of COLLIN that happened.... I am sure Junega will kill Sandeep heheheheh......

Naveen had carelles tyep of attitiude but he always helpd me and sandeep in gettin weekly incentives coz of party in the nearby BAR we had after we got incentice on Monday. Whoel ammount of incentive was thrown in party between we four people. And it was a luck or our strategy that first incentive always went fro three among us lol thanks to all other 3 person in the shift. .........

Soone time went by we got shifted to our new office, timinge wr changed, team were changes but FUn remained there always weahter in shit timngs or while sayiin hi bye to each other during loggin out////....

I have nice tiem with Naveen and Ranjan aT gurgaon also. Whrn we left for better carrer prospective and joinef some oher Search Engine Optimisation Company.

More memories are there but now am tired of typing so much so will post some other day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Vinay,

Thanks for remembering those unforgettable days of Redalkemi. Surely those moments can't back. We can just look behind our past & can enjoy the moments by remembering them.

I hope you are doing very well in your carrier & wanna wish you all the very best in your future prospect.

Sandeep Goel

Webmaster said...

Hello Goel,

How are you!!

first fo all i am reaaly SORRY not to make my presence on that spcl day but as you know dad got transfred to CHD and shitign ertc main I have to hlp him ....

My best withes are always with you may all your wishes and dreams come true... Redalkemi days wee really gr8 and unforgetable I wish that moments juss came back ....

You do me a favour e-mail this blog for comments to all the frnds like you mass SMS I know single SMS of your as distributed to 100+ ppl poor bharti must be disappointed with the sms schem he alunched also your e-mails keep sendin those may be i didnt reply al but you remain in my life with those beautifulk memories..

baki chd mildan hain tere naaal kisi din ake

KHAD JAA u remeber smthg hahahaah

one song for you

koi lauta de mere bite huye din mmm

all the very best buddy !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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