Monday, August 30, 2010

Freelance Work from Home - Tips for freelancers

Here I am not going to bore you with a 1000+ words long article but share some simple freelance work tips with you. I hope these tips will be of some help to you. First of all freelancing are of two type part time freelancing and full time freelancing. In full time freelancing you work independantly whereas in part time you work according to number of hours you can spare alongwith your other fixed source of income. Below are the tips that are of same importance to both full time & part time freelancers:

  • Start when its right time: Don't start freelancing for the heck of it or because of the face that some colleague or someone you know if doing the same stuff and making good money. In cace you have made your mind then research your options carefully like do you need to learn new things or your current skills are enough to get freelance work enough to support you.

  • Work for branding yourself: In freelancing reputation is everything if you get initials negative reviews at some freelance portals it means the road has become more difficult for you. The best thing to do is never commit thing you can't do, communicate clearly, send timely reports and above all take care of the quality.

  • competitive costs: Don't bid too low or too high, initialy you may require to keep your costs low. Here is the big tip try to bid low of smaller projects which you can finish in a week or two for long term projects bid high as over time you will realise that this project is costing you over new project that you can negotitate for higher price.

  • Paralled personal life: Don't stock the work for a soccer match or dealy the work as this can effect your health, personal relations.

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Anonymous said...

Being a free lancer you should be getting ready before starting an online business, it is very important for there are still basic things which you need to learn such as bidding, improving your communication skill, how to market your product, and knowing about updated tools which could be of big help to get you started earlier.

Webmaster said...

Agree!!! I think bidding is someting people may find tough but then there is option to collborate with a part time bidding professional

Apple said...

Working online I could say is a continuous learning and re-learning. It requires patience and more patience. Thanks for sharing this post!:)