Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Freelance Work from Home - Tips for freelancers Continued

Continuing with my previous post Freelance Work from Home - Tips for freelancers I am going to share some more freelance tips that will help increase productivity for freelancers.

  • Fight stress: Learn to overcome stress, don't be panicked if you are not getting projects, leads initially. For one of my friend it took 4 months to get his first project, that to of very small $ value. I told my friend that this is the opportunity you give your best shot to this project and then see what magic happens. And yes months later when I met him he has got his own new office space and was working with a team of freelancers.
  • As I mentioned in previous post start at the right time and in case you can start making business contracts before you quit your regular job it would be nice, thus you can save yourself from the stress of making business relationships as a full time freelancer as you have already got some links.
  • Smart work: Feel free to use tools etc that can increase your productivity.
  • Plan your work and keep focus on all the projects you are handling.

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