Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is the solution to handling project load while working from home?

Best solution is to hire one or a couple of virtual assistants that can help you in handling bulk projects. Internet has given the flexibility that we can outsource our work to a suitable person in any part fo the world not just necessarily in your locality. There are many sites like Odesk, Freelance, Guru, Elance etc where you can post your job requirements be it data entry, programming, website design, SEO Marketing, tele-calling, content writing, file conversion etc. So it don't matter which king of work are you doing from home, you will definitely get virtual assistants to expand your team. I've seen that people are also hiring virtual assistant for doing the work of project managers and personal assistants etc. Thus there are indefinite scope of work you can get done from virtual assistants.

Advantage of hiring virtual assistants:

- Unlimited pool of talent available for hiring
- No need to spend on office space, computers, internet etc.
- No need to provide other benefits like heath insurance, travel allowances etc.
- Pay only for the hours/projects. In case of an employee you may need to pay even if you don't have work or revenue
- Continue to enjoy the luxury of working from home
- Low costs as compared to hiring a full time employee
- Can work in different time zones thus maximizing the productivity
- No need to work on taxes of payroll
- Anytime availability, you can hire a virtual assistant in as less as one hour.
- Get the work done even if you are on a vacation
- No worries of late comings, short breaks and leaves.

I hope this article will help you and motivate you to increase work and home revenues by hiring virtual assistants. In case you are still in doubt and need any clarification feel free to contact through comment box below.


Veena Furtado said...

You are absolutely right. Getting work done is by Working Online From Home is an easy way to relax and do what you wish to do.

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Outsourcing Jobs said...

Having assistant, may it be atmosphere of full time jobs as regular company jobs!

Sally Johnson said...

Thanks for this information. I have been looking to work from home and have been trying to figure out how I will manage my time. I would love to get paid to write from home.

Marya said...

Great advantage for hiring virtual assistant, thanks for sharing the important sites for data entry work. Nice article!