Monday, April 09, 2012

Part time jobs: Are Part time jobs good or bad?

The common words that can be heard from everyone is; I am too much busy, I don’t have time or most of the time is consumed by job or the business. Everyone is so much busy with their work that they have no time to spend with the family or friends. So working part time can be a solution. Now a day’s people prefer to work part time or work at home.

But the question is working at home or working part time is a good idea or bad idea?

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of part time jobs. Let’s discuss the advantages first:

The most important attraction of Part Time Jobs is the freedom. You can work according to your own convenience like you can decide when to work, when to get a break and when to stop. But remember this is also a job you have to work hard, don’t be lazy.

There are a lot of jobs available on internet, these are part time or time bound jobs. You can decide which type of job you would prefer to do. You are not bound to do any particular type of work.

Working part time means you are associated with a company that pays or hires you, but you have enough time so you can start your own business. You can make a little investment as you have extra time and make a good profit.

Working at home means you need not go to office and follow the corporate rules. You are not bound by any time limitation. This will free you from the tediousness and the burden.
Having a part time job means you have enough time for your family and friends. You can enjoy social gatherings. You can also involve your near and dear ones in your work that may help you to do better.
There are some disadvantages also:
Working at home means you will have to face lot of distractions. The distractions like noise from kitchen or the commotion of children etc will not allow you to work with dedication. Even you yourself can be distracted by excuses like hunger, wish to watch television or walk.

If you decided to set up your own small business along with part time job, it’s not an easy task. You have to find and meet people for that; it may be a burden sometimes.

Part time jobs have both positive and negative points so make your job easy, all you need is to find the suitable job. The job that may have fun to do and lot to learn. There are plenty of jobs on internet that can serve both the purposes. These can be content writing, logo creator, multimedia designer, freelance writer, php projects and many more. It’s your wish which type of work you want to do.

By knowing your capabilities, you can make your life easy by part time jobs.


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