Friday, April 19, 2013

Are you ready to work from home and quit your regular job

This post is helpful to all those who have been considering quitting the regular job and willing to start some work from home activity or start a business. Once you read this post you'd be in a better position to evaluate if you can quit your full time job to start a business or start working from home.

No doubt there are risks involved in working from home or starting a business and this risk combined with the fear and uncertainty is the major reason most people don't skip their jobs to start something new.  Here are some more important things that you should check before quitting the job:

  1. Reason to leave the job: First ask yourself why you want to quit your full time job. Is this that you are just miserable in your current job. consider taking a short leave and evaluate. I recommend that one must continue the job for as long possible and for the time you have get some sufficient fund in your bank so that you can focus on your your work from home or business startup without much worries. 
  2. Daily routine after quitting: Take a paper and note down what your daily routine would be after you leave your job and focus on home based work or business. Chances are there that you might have to spend more time and effort initially OR you might work late nights as you took liberty of your free time and keep putting things to do later. 
  3. Are you financially stable: This is a major factor. how are you going to support yourself till the time you start getting the benefits form home based work or business.
  4. Multitasking: In your fixed day you might have limited roles like perform the given set of duties and leave the office at 5. However in a startup business or working from home you have the additional responsibilities like getting business, communication with potential clients, leads conversion, executions, technical support etc. Are you fully prepared for this?
  5. Have you analyzed the competition and the market? This is very important as after a careful competitor and marketing research you can be able to sell your services/products etc competitively. 
  6. What is plan B?: Be wise and make keep a back up plan in case things don't work as expected. 
I hope these questions can make your situation little easier.



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