Saturday, September 21, 2013

Work at Home jobs online for Housewives

Hi, I’ve read many blogs, articles and books all are same, all writes that there is only one work for “Housewives” that is home tuition. What do you think is it sufficient for a house wife? I don’t think so... In this post I’ll tell you about more work at home job opportunities for housewives. There are options other than tuition that consume less time and might pay more. Best part is that unlike tuitions you’ve the flexibility to choose the work timings that fits best to your lifestyle. 

Everyone knows that today is world of technology or internet. So why not explore your skills on Internet and Social networking sites (Facebook, youtube, google+, twitter and more). Now the question arise that what kind of online job is good for a housewives?

Here is the list of Work at home jobs online for Housewives…

·         Cooking blog: - Everyone thinking about how cooking use as online jobs!! If you are perfect in cooking and capable to explore your knowledge or talent on internet then you can make a video while you are cooking or make a blog. Upload this video on YouTube (blog) and share on Social networking sites like facebook, google+, twitter and more. Once your blog becomes popular you can get revenue from ads, paid memberships, banners etc. 

·         Content Writer: - Few years ago most of company hiring content writer on high pay scale but now the trend is change now Company hiring content writer online on less pay scale. If you are capable to write an article or content for company then its good option for you.

·         Online Data Entry: - This is good jobs for housewives. One can start this profession with a laptop and internet. Many companies’s offer their data entry work to other company or freelancer.

·         Affiliate Marketing: - Online marketing doesn’t require interacting with customers or finding place for products. You can start this business by finding company that offer product you are interested in and then you market them online (Internet). 

·         Selling art: If you are a painter or artist, you can sell your art online. There are various online portals that provide free memberships where you can upload your art work and sell it. They portal would charge you a nominal commissions for every sale. Similarly you can sell photographs as well.  There are many web designers etc who are constantly searching for digital pictures they can use for blogs, website, facebook etc. 

·         Paid online surveys: Survey sites are great options. You can sign up for free and then you’ll get paid for taking surveys, reading email, watching videos etc. This is fun if you love being online for long hours.
 I hope this helps. I've intentionally not mentioned any website URLs for your reference here as I want you to do your home work yourself. Research  more and chose the work at home opportunity you want to try. Still if you have any query or need an independent, unbiased feedback about any website, just let us know and we'd be more than happy to help you. Simply post your message in comments. Best Wishes. 

About the author: This post is by Vishal Pooner, who is an online marketer. You can add him over facebook to know more about him.


Sufi Stephen said...

This is very nice post... Keep posting...
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Vishal Pooner said...

Thanks Sufi..

Anonymous said...

This is the better option for housewives for home work. Every housewife can do extra work in day.