Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Work from home site launched - - join it or not

Few days back I received email alert to join a new work from site site called Now whenever I recieve such email few things that strike my mind are:

  1. How is this site different from other websites?
  2. Is it a legitimate work at home website?
  3. Does this site works in my coutry?
  4. Do the site has the potential to become a great work at home jobs or freelance portal like other popular sites odeks, PPH, Guru, Elance etc?
Out of curiosity and my rule of thumb that you should join each and every site to find out its worth and not just rely of internet reviews etc.  I once again say that you must join each and every free membership site, later on you can decide yo upgrade to a premium memberships at the site if any.

Now lets talk about the website thats the central attraction of this post. The site is in the initial stage of launch but the people behing the site seem to have done all the home work, planning etc before the launch. Site is professionally designed and so far I'm unable to find any majot bug. Yes there is some confusion in login and how to request a password but these minor things can be sorted out at any point of time.

Website works on a simple concept of what one can deliver or wants to be done in 24 hours. Means as a seller you sell your services as what can you deliver by tomorrow and as a buyer you would post what you wants to be done by tomorrow.

So this is a good site for people who can do small tasks quickly like logo design, template design, article writing, data entry, animations etc.  But I didn't understand how this site can be helpful for a web developer or software developer or a ebook writer and these sort of things can't be delivered in 24 hours.

Additionally I've created the account but so far I can't find any information about payment policy like how much the site charges etc. You can paid by Paypal and Payzaa only so far there isn't any direct bank transfer facility etc. Maybey they will add this feature later on as the site grows.

So far site seems to have the potential to grow, lets see how it behaves in coming 1-2 years.

My best wishes to the success of the site and anyone who joins the site as seller or buyer. 


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