Friday, March 30, 2007

Freelance jobs and FAQs on Paymenst options

Anyone new to freelancing wheather its freelance job provider or freelance jobs seeker must have few querries inmind and most commomn among them are reagding payment options. Most common FAqs on payment are :

1. What payment methods can i use?
2. How do I pay a Freelancer ?
3. How can I withdraw money from my account?
4. Do you charge your commission and how much will it be?
5. When will comission will be charged?
6. What is the minimum amount I can transfer to a Freelancer account?

Generally these queries you will find answered in tha FAQs section of every freelance website. So do visit FAQs section before registering for any website as a freelancer. Moslty paymenst methos in through pay pal. N rest commision and minimum ammount that cn be transfered varies from site to site.

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