Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Full time Job Search – How to find the job quickly and easily

Full time Job Search – How to find the job quickly and easily

Job search is always a very crucial part in the career of anyone. Reason for job search may be different for different people. A recent college or engineering graduate may be doing job search for giving his career the right break through. An experienced person or person who is already working somewhere might be looking for a job change so a to get the growth or exposure he might not be getting in his current job position. Sometime reason for full time jobs search may be bitter like someone got fired like as it happened with one of my friends working in an IT company due to recession price cuts in his company.

Reasons may be several here are some tips that can help you to overcome job hunt pressure and search jobs online easily. Here I mentioned online because today almost all major companies hire people by searching there resume from online job portals. But this doesn’t means you have to upload your resume to hundreds of job portals available online. Below are some things you must consider while registering with a job site:

Free registration: Your basic account should be free, which mean by creating a free account you must be able to upload your resume, search jobs, apply for jobs and of course recruiters must be able to contact you. You may pay for additional services like resume writing help, career guidance etc.

Job in your area: Job portal must have your area (city, state, country) listed for job vacancies.
Job search options – Website must be user friendly and you can search jobs easily by various parameters like jobs by category, jobs by distance, job by company etc
Email alerts – You must have the option to receive job related to your preference in your email.
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