Tuesday, March 09, 2010

high paying jobs for freshers

For most college graduated first aim is to get a job and remove the fresher tag from their resume. However its not the truth that fresher jobs are not high paying, listed below are the jobs that can be one of the best high packags for freshers:

1. OrthodontistsBeginning Wage: $100,980Median Earnings: $166,400+
2. ProsthodontistsBeginning Wage: $72,710Median Earnings: $166,400+
3. Nuclear EngineersBeginning Wage: $68,300Median Earnings: $97,080
4. Computer and Information Scientists, ResearchBeginning Wage: $57,480Median Earnings: $97,970
5. Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary SchoolBeginning Wage: $55,580Median Earnings: $83,880
6. Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight EngineersBeginning Wage: $55,330Median Earnings: $111,680
7. LawyersBeginning Wage: $54,460Median Earnings: $110,590
8. Financial ManagersBeginning Wage: $53,860Median Earnings: $99,330
9. Chemical EngineersBeginning Wage: $53,730Median Earnings: $84,680
10. MathematiciansBeginning Wage: $53,570Median Earnings: $95,150

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