Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jobs that pay you 45000$ per month

1. Meeting and Convention Planners - A bachelor degree or education in hospitality management, hotel management or business administration will be added advantage. Though you will learn most of the things at job. This is a multitaskin job with very strict deadlines pressure.
2. Court Reporters - Report for the hearing of the courts, you will need to produce accurate transcripts of the hearings. Federal government require typing speed of 225 words per minute.
3. Cyber Security Workers - Cyber crime is increasing and so is the demand of cyber security workers.
4. Executive Chefs and Head Cooks - These are in demand highly paid jobs but these jobs require people to be in motion always, overseeing the delivery of foodstuffs early in the day, planning menus, and preparing menu items during hectic dining hours.
5. Registered/Emergency Room Nurses - These can earn upto 65000$ per month al yuo need is a certification as ewmergency nurse.


teamdwms said...

court reports make a lot of money

Webmaster said...

yes I agree with you, but it needs some good typnig speed, error free reporting and also payment is good

Anonymous said...

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