Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Online work vs A fixed job

This is a very long time discussion going on right from the time when the trend of online jobs started. Almost every person who uses internet want to earn money online but only a small percentage of internet users try their luck in online work. From that small percentage there are only a fraction of users who got real success with online work.

My suggestion to anyone who is interested in online work is not to make any conclusion just by observing the success of failure of someone else. Internet is full of scammers and spammers who can easily take of your hard earned money. Before trying any site for online work I'd recommend you should check the guidelines for various home based jobs that are published regularly on this work at home jobs online blog.

Why online jobs are better than a job

Every individual has their own likes and dislikes abut online work and online money making opportunities. However I hope this post will at least be helpful for some likeminded people who think like me. So here are the ideas why I like online work:

1. Freedom – Online work gives me complete freedom. I can choose the working hours and days. This is very much important and the main reason I quit my regular job. Now I don't need to wait for weekend or watch night show. Whenever I feel like watching a movie or match I can do that and compensate for the online work by working more hours next day or later in the same day. Does regular job provides such flexibility? No, not at all

2. Unlimited earning potential: Yes, in a company, not everyone can reach to the level of top management or be the CEO or COO of the company. There are only a handful employees that will get the higher income, incentives and appraisal. To reach that level you need to have a solid 7-10 years of experience and may have to change a couple of jobs as well. However when it comes to making money online any one can grow here. You can even from hew hundred dollars to thousand and even millions by online work.

3. Long term income: You can loose you job because of many reasons like recession, poor economy or you reach a age or retirement. In online work there are no recession or age constraints. You can work online throughout your life.

4. Multiple jobs at a time: Normally in a job you can work in a company only or you may work part-time in 2-3 other companies (very rare occasion). However internet gives you flexibility to work in as many employers as you want.

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